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Welcome to Malawi Dream!

I first visited Africa in 1993. It was a case of love at first sight. In 2005 I visited Likoma Island in Malawi.

Locals can only afford to access Likoma by a ferry that is often not in a fit state to make the journey. The island is plagued by those twin imposters: poverty and disease, particularly malaria and Aids. But within it are some of the friendliest and hardest working people I have ever met.

These people live in twelve villages. The first village I visited was Mbungo, whose primary school taught 56 children using a grand total of two text books. Geography classes took place without a map or an atlas. Nevertheless, the children remained desperate to learn.

I understood enough about Africa to know that hand-outs would only solve a short-term problem. In the longer-term, local people needed to be able to provide for themselves.

I formed this charity to make it possible. The charity remains small and personal. Our administrative costs are kept to the bare minimum and we know the people we are helping. Our progress so far has been slow but measurable.

Mbungo now has an improved primary school and a brand new nursery school, Chisomo. We have also completed building a new nursery school in the village of Khuyu.
Mbungo and Nwkazi now have fresh water too. Observing the positive impact of each of these projects has driven me towards the next one.

In time, I would like the people of Likoma to have the means to become self sufficient. That is my Malawi Dream. I hope you enjoy the site and would be delighted to speak to you personally about this labour of love.

Sonia Waters

Great news for Likoma!

Our friends at Snell David Architects in Putney confirmed that they would be marking their tenth anniversary by designing a new resource centre for the blind, deaf and physically impaired on Likoma.
This project will create employment en route to providing a new and invaluable resource on the island. We will post updates here: We are delighted to confirm that the Resource Centre was completed in September 2013.



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Kaya Mawa Lodge
Kaya Mawa lodge is the main hotel on Likoma. We'd like to thank its Director James and Suzie for their help and support. Without them, our projects would be much further from reality.

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